Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fun Vacation Ideas

Hello There! The name is Kirt. I'm a professional vacationeer. That means I am all the time vacationing in places all along the US and international grounds! I thoroughly enjoy vacationing. That's why I've decided to begin posting my fun vacation ideas on the web!

Vacation ideas are easy to come up with if you're bored or creative enough, and a lot of times, they come out of the least likely of places and times. They can birth out of playing hide and seek in a crowd on a Disney vacation, or playing road-trip bingo with home-made boards. It doesn't matter.

The vacation ideas and activities that you'll find on this blog are not limited to the ideas themselves; you're entitled to steal, build on, or comment on each of them to it's fullest extent. My job is to bring you ideas, your's is to make your vacation one of the most memorable ever.

Talk to you later!